Christelle Dubos does not want “punitive counterparts” for social assistance

Christelle Dubos does not want “punitive counterparts” for social assistance

“I do not want punitive counterparts,” said the Secretary of State to the Minister of Health, Christelle Dubos, on Wednesday February 20, on Radio Classique about the Prime Minister’s controversial proposal on Friday, to strengthen the counterparts to the social support. “I want them to be compensations that allow people benefiting from social minima to be able to go out and go towards social and professional integration,” she added.

According to Christelle Dubos, “the question is asked within the framework of the great debate, the counterpart has already existed for 30 years with the RMI then the RSA, it is the right and the obligation of support. Today, 700,000 beneficiaries in France have no support. I believe that the counterpart is also a public policy counterpart: it is being present, supporting them towards employment and towards an activity. “

The activity bonus is a “success”

Christelle Dubos drew up an assessment at the end of January of the enlargement and the increase in the activity bonus: “more than 800,000 requests have been made, 55% are new beneficiaries but who could have benefited from the activity bonus in 2018 and 45% are the new beneficiaries eligible with the enlargement “. She estimated that “it is a success” while pointing to the high rate of non-recourse, since “55% of new beneficiaries could already have benefited from it”. “You have 80% of eligible people who asked for it, a non-recourse rate of 20%, it is a lack of knowledge of rights”, she notes.

The work “in progress on the automation of this bonus in 2020” as well as the implementation of a “universal activity income” should improve the use of benefits for those who are eligible, says the Secretary of State . “The president, last September 13, announced a service which would simplify and which would merge at least the RSA, the activity bonus and housing assistance. Work will officially begin with meetings with associations, actors, the beneficiaries themselves, a rapporteur has been appointed and all the scenarios will be placed on the table “, indicates Christelle Dubos, referring to” a text in 2020 “. She estimated the cost of the activity bonus at “2.5 billion, 2.6 billion euros”.

Asked for his part on RMC / BFM TV, the Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud, also felt that there should be no “punitive compensation” imposed on beneficiaries of social minima. “I am for offering them” voluntary work, for example “to help an association”. “The logic is not to impose it” but to “propose it systematically, for all those who can”.

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