How traders will use Pokémon Go to attract you

How traders will use Pokémon Go to attract you

Nothing stops them! As a figurine or plush, virtually floating in stores, Pokémon have been everywhere since the release in mid-July of the augmented reality game that puts them in the spotlight, generating crowds and an unusual passage that small businesses and large brands are looking to To take advantage of.

“It’s working very well, this is the fourth time that we have restocked Pokémon plush toys in two weeks”, congratulates AFP Corentin Flamand, salesman at the Micromania Bastille store in Paris, pointing to the corner where Pikachu are enthroned. miniatures, launched on July 15 to mark the 20th anniversary of pocket monsters. Cards, caps for trainers and mugs, the brand specializing in video games did not hesitate to put Pokémon-stamped products at the head of gondolas. “Pokémon is one of the universes that usually work best for us, so it is a little early to say if the game has a significant effect on consumption”, however tempers Philippe Renaudin, Marketing Director of Micromania.

But the brand hopes to take advantage of the current craze by setting up a contest to encourage hunters to take pictures of Pokémon caught in its stores. To win: “poképièces”, the currency of the game to buy bonuses. “We regularly have Pokémon Company on the phone. We would of course like to have more Pokémon or become + pokéstop +, we consider ourselves to be legitimate in relation to our activity”, hopes Mr. Renaudin.

First partnership with McDonald’s

Commercial partnerships, however, are not yet in question for The Pokémon Company (TPC), the Japanese affiliate that co-developed the game and owns the rights to the derivative products. this one, partly owned by Nintendo, wishes for the moment to concentrate on the deployment of the game in all countries. Except in Japan, the cradle of the game, where the fast food chain McDonald’s, in great difficulty in the country, has managed to forge a partnership.

Could such partnerships multiply? The Niantic development studio, behind the game, invited interested businesses and brands to come forward by filling out a form on its site. “The partnerships will be forged in a second step but this will be done in a selective way”, one explains to AFP on the side of TPC.

“If there is an interest in mechanical crowds, businesses want above all to show that their brand is in line with the times, that it is + Pokémon Go compatible +”, explains Philippe Bonnasse, consumer expert at CA Com.

An asset for tourism

In Japan, it is mainly in terms of tourism that gambling is seen as an opportunity, especially in the northeastern prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima) as well as the Kumamoto region, affected by a series of severe earthquakes. last spring, to attract visitors again. An agreement was thus signed with the Niantic studio in order to place the “pokéstops” and arenas so as to guide tourists in these regions that they tend to abandon, while avoiding placing them in the exclusion zone around. from the Fukushima plant.

According to the YouGov polling institute, which estimates that there are 5.3 million regular players in the UK alone, “Pokémon Go’s obvious success opens the door to brand partnerships, both with this app and with future augmented reality games more generally “.

In Paris, some local businesses are already seeing the Pokémon effect, such as the Park Avenue restaurant, the first pokestop in the Parc de la Villette area. “It does not stop. The neighborhood had lost its luster with the attacks, but since the release of Pokémon Go, we have had a lot of influx of young and old alike who land, consume and restock pokéballs” ( virtual weapons to catch Pokémon), details to AFP Noël Duman, 29, manager of the restaurant located in the 19th arrondissement.

A lasting phenomenon?

If bars or restaurants can benefit from it, this is not always the case for stores because Pokémon Go creates “a diverted and directed traffic, short-termist which does not have vocation to manufacture an immediate trade”, underlines Mr. Bonnasse.

There is also the question of the duration of the phenomenon, a bet on the future which may seem uncertain.

“The brands are betting over a period of three to six months, until Christmas, this would allow them to organize thematic operations around the game and thus gain the loyalty of new customers”, notes Yves Marin, of the Wavestone firm.

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